Refurbished Laptops

Black Cat Computers offers you an extensive range of refurbished laptops which covers all the leading brands including HP,  Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, and many more.  Our Refurbished laptops start from £99.

We work with large corporations who buy the highest quality machines. These systems are all in good working condition, they have all the data remove, cleaned and graded. There are three categories of refurbished laptops depending on their condition and the prices vary accordingly.

GRADE A – Good cosmetic condition – moderate signs of use Can include: One heavy scratch or several minor scratches on screen and/or casing Slight marks and wear to screen and/or casing.

GRADE B – Mediocre cosmetic condition – moderate to heavy signs of use Can include: One large dent or several minor dents to casing Several scratches, marks & signs of wear to screen and/or casing.

GRADE C – Poor cosmetic condition – heavy signs of use can include: Several heavy scratches, marks & wear to casing and/or screen Dents, Cracks/Holes to casing only, not screen engravings.

Not able to see what you are looking for, then please tell us what you are looking for and your price range so we can source the ideal system for you.

We deal with refurbished Laptops, Desktop PCs in small form factor or tower, iPad’s, Tablets and iPhone’s.

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